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A lesson from Home Alone 2. Merry Christmas.

Bird Lady: The man I loved fell out of love with me. That broke my heart. When the chance to be loved came along again, I ran away from it. I stopped trusting people.
Kevin McCallister: No offense, but that seems like sort of a dumb thing to do.

Bird Lady: I was afraid of getting my heart broken again. Sometimes you can trust a person, and then, when things are down, they forget about you.
Kevin McCallister: Maybe they’re just too busy. Maybe they don’t forget about you, but they forget to remember you. People don’t mean to forget. My grandfather says if my head wasn’t screwed on, I’d leave it on the school bus.
Bird Lady: I’m just afraid if I do trust someone, I’ll get my heart broken.
Kevin McCallister: I understand. I had a nice pair of Rollerblades. I was afraid to wreck them, so I kept them in a box. Do you know what happened? I outgrew them. I never wore them outside. Only in my room a few times.
Bird Lady: A person’s heart and feelings are very different than skates.
Kevin McCallister: They’re kind of the same thing. If you won’t use your heart, who cares if it gets broken? If you just keep it to yourself, maybe it’ll be like my Rollerblades. When you do decide to try it, it won’t be any good. You should take a chance. Got nothing to lose.
Bird Lady: Little truth in there somewhere.
Kevin McCallister: I think so. Your heart might still be broken, but it isn’t gone. If it was gone, you wouldn’t be so nice.
Bird Lady: Thank you. Do you know it’s been a couple of years since I’ve talked to anybody?
Kevin McCallister: That’s okay. You’re good at it. You’re not boring. You don’t mumble or spit. You should do it more often. Just wear an outfit with no pigeon poop on it.
Bird Lady: I have been working very hard at keeping people away. I always think I’ll have a lot of fun if I’m alone… but when I’m alone, it’s not fun.
Kevin McCallister: I don’t care how much people bug me, I’d rather be with someone than alone.
Bird Lady: So what are you doing alone on Christmas Eve? You did something wrong?
Kevin McCallister: A lot of things.
Bird Lady: Did you know that a good deed erases a bad deed?
Kevin McCallister: It’s late. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to do enough good deeds to erase all my bad ones.
Bird Lady: It’s Christmas Eve. Good deeds count extra tonight. Think of an important thing you can do for others, and go do it. Just follow the star in your heart.
Kevin McCallister: Okay… It’s getting pretty late. I’d better get going. If I don’t see you, I hope everything turns out okay.
Bird Lady: Thank you.
Kevin McCallister: Tell the birds I said goodbye.
Bird Lady: I will.
Kevin McCallister: If you need somebody to trust, it can be me. I won’t forget to remember you.
Bird Lady: Don’t make promises you can’t keep.


And a happy anniversary of my failed marriage, to you!

December 19, 2004, I got married.

December 19, 2011, I wrote a blog entry.

A lot happened in those 7 years. I was happily married for, uh, four-ish, of those years, maybe. (Longer than Britney Spears, so there’s that.) Then there was a divorce, and that wasn’t all that much fun. (Brit and I have that in common, am I right?!) The point is to live and learn from such experiences, yeah? I’m fairly sure I did.

I’m not even going to take this opportunity to bash the situation in any way or form. Weird, I know.

So, on this anniversary of my failed marriage, I’ve done some reflecting…

Whether you’re one of my best friends, or maybe just a stranger next to me at the bar after I’ve had one too many beers, you’ve probably heard me say something like “I’m never getting married again!”, but did I really mean that? I’m not sure that I did. I don’t really have a beef with marriage, just how mine turned out. I can spout off marriage/divorce statistics all day long (after I Google them from a credible source, of course), but that fact is that when you’re in love, you don’t think you’re going to fail.

That’s the crappy part about it all (or maybe that’s the cool part). I didn’t go into a marriage thinking I was going to fail, I honestly thought I had it all figured out. And maybe the fact that my heart is a little less broken these days, is directly related to me being able to (somewhat) fathom (maybe) being that optimistic about someone not stomping on my heart again… one day.

Calm down, Mom, I don’t really have anyone in mind.